Why should you buy organic?

We believe that it is well known that our world is on a fatal course. Everywhere you can see the immense destruction of nature and natural habitats for animals and plants. Even where it is still supposed to be green and "beautiful", closer inspection often reveals green deserts that only have a fraction of the diversity of flora and fauna that one would expect.

Although organic production cannot heal all damage overnight, it is the right start to ensure the supply of the population on the one hand and to preserve and protect nature as an organism on the other.

Another aspect is of course your own health and that should be worth something. Never before in human history have there been so many so-called diseases of civilization as today, from allergies and intolerances to extreme obesity, while in other parts of the world millions are still barely necessary or even starving. Here, too, the vast majority of organic farms are more responsible than their conventional competitors. Not only that they produce healthier food, but a large number of organic farms support or support social projects and thus ensure a fair balance in the fight for raw materials.

And the great cycle of this world, which you can see very nicely here in the Canary Islands, also plays an important role. All of the wastewater contaminated with the most toxic cleaning agents is simply discharged into the sea, is absorbed by the inhabitants of the Atlantic and of course ends up on the plate again. The pollution of the oceans, the plastic and the like were no moving subject as long as there was little of it; The planet could easily cope with that, but today the population and above all its claim has grown so far that the planet has to surrender, or rather, the planet does not care, only the world we know is based.

Please help us to preserve our habitat and that of animals and plants so that we can also leave a place worth living for our future generations!

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What's new

Regional organic bread

We offer regional organic bread from the spelled bakery Bio Panacea in Alcala

We currently have the following types of braids

  • Buckwheat bread
  • Sunflower bread
  • Rye bread
  • Spelled pumpkin bread
  • Wholemeal spelled bread
  • Spelled oat bread
  • Mixed whole bread
  • Spelled seed bread


There are also spelled crackers in different varieties ... a great snack!

Regional fresh fruits and vegetables

Regional is the first choice

According to this motto, we try to get so many, especially fresh, foods here from Tenerife. We are working with the Granja La Calabacera above San Juan, whose range includes 60 fruit and vegetables.

Read more ...